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Trust, confidence and capability.
The three essential qualities that Morpheus Finance Solutions offers to Family Offices and Ultra High Net Worth individuals. With more than 20 years experience of identifying investment opportunities specifically geared to offering safe and significant, post-tax returns, Morpheus’s principals have earned a reputation for delivering client satisfaction.

Morpheus first seeks out, forensically researches, and then presents clients with opportunities tailored to their particular goals, whether limited-term or long-term growth.



The principals of Morpheus Finance Solutions are:

Bobby Singh Sunner
(Director and Co Founder)
With an outstanding track record in private wealth enhancement, hallmarked by discretion and confidentiality, Bobby has a clear understanding of the type of sound investment opportunities required by single and multi-Family Offices and Ultra High Net Worth individuals.

Simon Hammond
(Managing Director and Co Founder)
Has built investment and insurance businesses over more than 25 years through a highly focussed strategy of networking and research, and is the Chairman of the Executives Association of Great Britain.

In creating Morpheus Finance Solutions, the principals adopted a single guiding creed:

To develop long-term relationships with clients based on trust, discretion, confidentiality and consistent results delivery.



Our approach is based on a detailed understanding of client investment aspirations.

Our reputation has been founded on a precise comprehension of client objectives, and finding investment prospects which accurately match those objectives.

We have successfully introduced clients to a wide range of investments, each offering a different return profile, but always matched to the client’s strategic goals.

It is about precision, and our experience across all asset classes means that we can finely target our clients’ aspirations to the most appropriate and effective investments.
We organise meetings between investors and those seeking investment, which are designed to ensure not just a clear understanding of parameters, prospects and profitability, but also to crystallise any risk profile, timescale and anticipated exit value.

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